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Farrouj el Achkar: Broumana's Popular Chicken Sandwich
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Welcoming: 0/5

Food Temperature: 7/10

Ambiance / Music: 6.5/10

Menu Choice: 4/5

Food Taste: 26/30

Architecture / Interior: 2/10

Food presentation: 6/10

Service: 1/10

Value for money: 8/10

Many tell you can't visit Broumana and not pass by that ‘chicken place’ and the place they are referring to is Farrouj el Achkar. Located on Broumana's external road is a famous restaurant selling chicken-based sandwiches and platters. 


Inside, under the red signboard, is a restaurant divided into two distinct spaces, one side for fruit cocktails and the other for sandwiches. Facing the entrance is the chicken corner.

The owner, I presume he’s the owner, behind the counter is not too welcoming. 

The first impression is not the finest. The space is hot, the soft drink fridge is off, the welcoming is a bit rude, but the smells open your appetite. And wait until you hear the chef scream out for his chicken and shouts for the sandwiches adding a touch of humor to the space. He even answers his phone calls while rolling those sandwiches, feels free to eat some fries... a mess!

Sandwiches and plates decorate the restaurant, mirrors, a bar, two fridges and the fruit display. The place looks old, but who cares, it feels inviting to eat there. 

We ordered four sandwiches. Charcoal grilled meat, chicken tawouk, a chicken sandwich and roast beef with a box of fries. I was promised that the chicken was not marinated in garlic... and it's not.


Ten minutes afterwards the sandwiches were ready. At Farrouj el Achkar one single bar occupies a space shared by all. We were four sitting. Dinner started as a huge plate of fries landed on the bar. We ordered a box, but instead were offered a plate; they really are generous.


  • Homey style fries. Crispy, crunchy well cooked fries with crispy sides, a good color, a soft heart, but lacking salt and tasting a bit oily.
  • The chicken sandwich is good, very good indeed. Toasted, the bread has a good texture and freshness, filled with juicy chicken with a white color, a bit of mayonnaise to add the smoothness, fries and pickles. It surely deserves its reputation.
  • The roast beef is different from any I've had before. The same baguette bread, thin and toasted, a lightly chewy meat, which is nice, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles and mayonnaise. The mayonnaise he uses also makes a difference because you can't miss its flavors.
  • Tawouk: Superb! But if only they used less bread. Way too much bread but the filling is amazing! A chicken tawouk that's so juicy and so tender, the juices and this great mayonnaise. The fresh vegetables and potatoes, the crunch, the texture and the size. Bravo! I'd be sure to order it with one layer of bread, not two.
  • Meat: My favorite. Delicious meat, tender and soft, the pickle's crunch, the juicy and sweet tomatoes, the hummus and the potatoes. The bread is enough, not chewy, keeping enough space for the ingredients. I even enjoyed the parsley. 

The Minuses:

  • Photos are not allowed maybe because the place is not too clean and they have something to hide.
  • Service and welcoming are bad.
  • Owners feel free to smoke in their restaurant.

Clients didn't stop coming in. Famous for a reason, the four sandwiches we had were tasty and the positive vibes the chefs oozes will make you want to come again.

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