August 07, 2012

Fast Food Chains: The Pandora's Box

Junk food: Tossed and sometimes cold food wrapped for our enjoyment.

You see the advertisements on the streets and you think, yummy, I just want to get a hold of that burger and indulge in a hot and juicy taste along with their golden fries... From time to time we crave that fast food burger... Today, I decided to pass by one of the major fast food chains in Lebanon and enjoy a heavy burger. Before reaching the drive through window, I started thinking out loud: "Will the guy at the window be nice?  Will he take my order properly? Will the food be hot and fresh or soggy? Will the fries be crispy and not chewy? Will my order be complete? Every single time, I encounter a problem with an order - and I have been hearing the same comments from many of my friends. Why are these international fast food chains becoming so unprofessional in our country? And, as I expected, I was welcomed by an unprofessional person who looks like he's not happy at work... I was handed the  famous paper bag with a carelessly wrapped burger that was warm and not hot, with a square of an unmelted piece of cheese, lettuce falling out all over... fries soggy and not hot as if refried several times...

Then you think, the advertisement pictures and the actual food never match up the way you want it to!

But then again, no matter what, we always see ourselves coming back for more... but this is not an excuse for a sloppy work and service. I think they should pick up their service pronto...

Of course if you actually  go to Burger King, Hardee's or McDonald's expecting to get something resembling the burger in the picture you obviously have a problem being honest with yourself.

This is a series of photos comparing fast food company's advertising shots to meals actually received in real life.

SURPRISE!: they look nothing alike.

The worst part is that we always come back for that burger we crave  again and again.
The wake-up call is on!

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