November 29, 2015

Fitness Bar Juices: An Exotic Journey of Wellness

It was 10am, a man came into my office with a bag, a paper bag filled with bottles, a dozen of them, colorful and inviting. He wanted me to try his juices... Today I was met Abbas.

Fitness Bar on facebook


Planning to settle back in Lebanon, Abbas with a background in fitness and healthy eating, started a concept called Fitness Bar where he offers juices and drinks with benefits. 

Not knowing what to expect, I was skeptical. Other "healthy" cleansing juices had disturbing vegetable flavors; but Fitness Bar's are simply awesome! 


I tried them all:

  • Minted lemonade: A light green color, a liquid watery juice, a strongly aromatic minted lemonade that's very intense in flavor and acidity. No sugar added, but an intense sweetness that feels natural. Mint comes as an end note while the lemon caresses your palate for long minutes.
  • Dr. Oz: A different intensity, a smooth creamy liquid of spinach, celery, fuerte avocado, seasonal Nagi, Chiquita pineapple, Granny Smith apple, banana, Thai coconut, spirulina, wheatgrass and chia seeds. An amazing consistency, that feels like the avocado juice cocktail shops sell, but a flavor like no other. The banana adding a touch of sweetness, the avocado's finesse, a light enjoyable bitterness and surely some really added values and benefits.
  • Strawberry: Super concentrated strawberries in a bottle with the seeds felt under the teeth, a creaminess, smooth feel, light sweetness, freshness and taste that's so enjoyable. I was never a strawberry drink fan until today: This drink made me change my mind.
  • Mango: I'm not sure how they do it but the mango drink is like eating a fresh mango straight from the tree. It smells of mango, it tastes of mango, it feels like mango and the consistency rocks. Remember the last commercial mango juice you had? That's not even close. Recommended!
  • Sunset Boulevard: Amazing for a drink with benefits. Fresh aromas followed by intense flavors of pomegranate, Fuji apple, seasonal orange, bee pollen, ginseng, chia seeds. A light red-brown color and a liquid watery consistency. That's a drink for your next detox.
  • Sunshine Reggae: Yum! Drinking one after the other I was waiting to dislike at least one... But couldn't. Seasonal mango, eureka lemon drops, seasonal orange, carrot, honey crisp apple and grape, banana, Thai coconut, bee pollen, chia seeds. The same consistency as the mango drink, creamy and light at the same time, really fresh, like walking through the garden of Eden. Impressive drinks you have here!
  • Voyager: A very, very strong dink... Be prepared for an explosive mix of vitamins and energy. A strong consistency with a dozen flavors, a full meal if I might say, the energy drink of choice that will surely make you travel around the word and back. The ingredients are peanut butter, organic cacao, maca superfood, Thai coconut, hazelnut spread, raw pitted dates, banana, buckwheat, oats, cinnamon, chia seeds. Not my favorite maybe, but one can't deny that it's superbly balanced.
  • Goodnight kiss: That's my winner. A super drink with super benefits and super flavors as well. Almond milk felt with every sip, avocado adding strength, the cashew nut paste scrubbing your tongue in style with maca superfood and chia seeds. A 110-calorie drink worth every one of those calories. Loved it!


After tasting these juices, I personally asked Abbas to join Souk el Akel, because everyone should try something healthy with cleansing powers.

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