March 22, 2015

Fortnum & Mason's Chocolate Easter Collection

Fortnum & Mason presents a wonderfully curated collection for Easter, featuring a range of handmade English chocolate eggs, traditional Easter sweets, spiced biscuits and an array of delightful gifts for the whole family.

Chocolate Eggs

Fortnum’s chocolate eggs are made exclusively in small batches using a slow melting process, which adds to the unique, rich flavor of the chocolate and gives them a luxuriously smooth texture. Master Chocolatiers flood antique moulds with Fortnum’s Tercentenary-blend chocolate to give each egg an ultra-thick chocolate shell, which is then finished by hand with individually crafted sugar decorations, making each egg one of a kind.

On offer this Easter are the ‘Little Duke’ and ‘Little Duchess’ eggs that are perfect for children, along with hand-decorated chick and rabbit shaped biscuits, spiced Florentines, and a cornucopia of Easter-themed sweets, marzipan bites and lollipops.

For adults, there is the Colossal Egg made from five layers of decadently thick chocolate, Fortnum’s signature Rose and Violet Cream Egg that offers the taste of a traditional English garden, and much, much more. All of Fortnum & Mason’s delicious Easter chocolate is crafted in Brighton by a family-run chocolatier, whose legacy can be traced back to when they were based in-house at the Fortnum’s shop in Piccadilly.




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