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Frank's Wurst Hotdogs: The Red and Yellow Kiosk
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Colored in red with a yellow logo, this kiosk is available everywhere around the country.  


Inspiring cleanliness and professionalism, Frank's Wurst Hotdogs has clearly taken the hotdog concept to the next level and there are some improvements that could make it even better -in my opinion. 

It starts with a man, usually not too welcoming, who prepares those sandwiches one after the other. No music, a dull ambiance, I expected more fun to say the least from such a colorful street food concept. 

The menu proposes the normal wurst, beef or pork, another with chili and a third with barbecue sauce.

We got our sandwich served in a carton box. A tender bun, a good quality dog, a warm cheddar cheese, crunchy chips and ketchup for sweetness. As for the barbecue one, the taste shouldn't be so prominent and the chili sauce don't add much flavor to the final sandwich.


The pluses:

  • The sandwich is reasonably priced for its content.
  • Warmed bread makes the experience enjoyable and the hotdog quality is exactly what you expect to have. 

I would change and improve:

  • Train the staff to interact; it's half the experience.
  • Keep the music playing at all times inside and outside the caravan.
  • The sandwich as seen in the picture is not too appetizing, cheese covers the sandwich and masks all the other ingredients. I would personally have put the cheese down below, the chips at the end and some ketchup and mustard decoration in a zigzag style.

Enjoyable for a street food sandwich. The next step is a comparison between all the hotdog caravans in town.

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