July 23, 2015 New York USA Americas

Frannie's Yo Art: The Frozen Yogurt Boutique

A heaven for yogurt lovers if I may say, where I found myself walking around the many possibilities for enjoyment and fun, easing every item I could add into my yogurt cup. From fruits to connoisseur's chocolates, every person will find his pleasure in a cup. 


This Yo Art shop located in the food court at Hotel Plaza in New York is one you can't miss. Located at the lobby, choose from 10 different yogurt flavors including Cookies n' Cream, chocolate fudge, Very Strawberry, cappuccino, Island Banana, Original Tart, peanut butter, Alpine Vanilla, Cable Car Chocolate and blueberry before adding the toppings.

You want it, they have it. Hundreds of topping choices are waiting to be indulged in and to name them all would take four pages. Champagne chocolate balls, KitKat, fresh fruits, pretzels, Jellibon, all colors of M&M and a complete wall of chocolate choices as well as sugar free items. You'll get lost.


Willy Wonka at the Yogurt Factory is how I'd describe it.

I added all chocolate-based yogurts and on top Poppin Pearls, which looking like caviar eggs which explode with juice when crushed, the champagne chocolate cookies, which look like Malteasers and some dark chocolate, as well as cookies and cream crumbs. 


Everything is an add-on, but the yogurt is superb. Rich and full bodied hard textured yogurt that feels light while being full of taste and flavors. The dark chocolate rocks, the vanilla fudge is super delicious... and....


If you're looking to enjoy some frozen Yogurt in New York, that's the place to go...





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