December 11, 2013

Frosty Palace: The Holiday Special Foie Gras Burger is Back (Restaurant Closed)

Phone Number: +961-1-449 595

Address: Mar Mikhael, Beirut, Lebanon


Price Range: 20-35 $

Frosty Palace, I admit, is one of Lebanon's best burger spots, not to say the best. In 2012 Frosty Place launched a limited edition of the "Foie Gras Burger" during Christmas period- a creation that skyrocketed among burger fanatics, like myself. Now that Christmas is just around the corner, the Foie Gras unique creation is out again for a limited time only starting today. It's Christmas, time to enjoy all the fine things in life and trust me, this counts as one... This heavenly creation is not to be missed... Frosty_Palace_Foie_Gras_Burger_Holiday_Special02

The burger... what can I say. The picture depicts the truth; an amazingly mouthwatering combination of fresh light bread, crunchy from the inside with a rare charcoal taste, thick and juicy ground beef, unique caramelized onions, premium fig compote for the added hint of sweetness, thin fresh lettuce leaf with two thick slices of pan fried foie gras. Just imagine! A combination of wonders your taste buds will rarely experience. It was simply yummy. No added condiments were needed - the taste of the burger is sublime... Simply orgasmic!

Frosty_Palace_Foie_Gras_Burger_Holiday_Special01 A breathtaking creation. The minute it enters your mouth expect an explosion of taste and flavors that will take you on a splendid journey of joy and satisfaction. The fries, thick and crunchy are one of the best this country has to offer. French fries is a simple thing but not everyone knows how to cook them properly. Frosty Palace provides high-end tasty fries, simply because they are cooked with know-how and love. The same goes for the coleslaw which was adequately sweet and crunchy with minimal quantity of mayonnaise making the salad tasty and light at the same time. Head down to Mar Mikhael where an exceptionally exquisite experience awaits...





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