February 03, 2015 Jounieh Keserwan Lebanon Middle East

Georges Ghosn: No Words are Enough to Describe this Breakfast Experience

Just imagine a small place, a very old place that's broken from all sides, with old tables, a dirty paint job, broken tiles, high ceiling and the sound of running water from a broken tap... Welcome to Georges Ghosn's little heaven, where you will taste some of the best flavors ever - believe it or not.


Georges Ghosn is a character you must meet. A funny old man living in the era of prosperous Lebanon... where time has stopped the day his father died. His father started the business, cooking foul beans and hummus which goes back to the last century. 

Enter the small shop with no signboard, maybe it's been like this since ages. Please don't turn around and leave, don't judge on the place decor or cleanliness, move straight to the end of the place and meet Georges. 

Remembering Georges brings tears to my eyes...

A lovely man who works here alone. I've heard he has fallen ill. Age clearly shows on him... his movements have become slow but he manages to live the life he wants serving his clientele all by himself. 

Look at the giant radish, look at the chili pepper or the plates in which he mixes the Hummos and foul without any measurement. Look at authenticity, look at reality of life, look at simplicity, and prepare your taste buds for shock.

You'll have to help with the service and the bread while you set the table up. Again, it is not clean but believe me you won’t care...


The first bite... And this is where amazement strikes. What the hell! Is that Hummos or magic? Oh God! Super tender full of flavor extraordinary plates of passion. Original flavors that promises enjoyment. 

The beans melt like butter, the premium olive oil, the freshly squeezed lemon, the adequate amount of salt and lots of love. 

You can also order hummos with tahina but Georges has broken his arm and finds it hard to make them now. Next time I visit, I'm going to help him make them…

I really can't express myself enough. The experience at Georges was magical. I've been to Tyre and Tripoli and tried some Hummos in Beirut… I have toured Lebanon searching for the finest authentic breakfast but I have never eaten something that pure before. The foul or broad beans are cooked for more than 24 hours and mixed with olive oil and lemon, while the whole chickpeas mixed with salt and olive oil are to die for. 


With children who are not interested in the business, I pray for Georges to live an eternal life so people can taste the authentic original flavors of Switzerland of the Middle East, Lebanon.

Located in Jounieh, just a few meters before reaching the roundabout, next to Bank of Beirut, come meet Georges... You won't regret it.

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Pacifico Passes the Test of Time... Relocating Soon...