June 01, 2017 Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Hammana's Valley View Hotel

A small hotel nestled on the high hills of Hammana is your best choice to spend the night when discovering the region of Rass el Metn. Shooting an episode of the region, we stopped for the night. Watch the episode to know where to stay and what to discover.


Nested in the mountains overlooking the Lamartine valley, the Valley View Hotel is your guaranteed relaxation spot.

The 3600 Square meters facilities have a breathtaking view of the villages and the mountains surrounding its prime location that would make you feel in heaven. On a clear day, while relaxing at the Hotel, sipping on a class of wine at its Cantina Bar, Dinning at one of its restaurants, or Training at its Gym and Fitness Center, your view can take you beyond the capital city of Beirut reaching the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

Tonight we dine with a view. At 1200 meters is The Valley View Hotel, the only hotel in Hammana. Arriving at 8pm, we left our bags in the room and went down for dinner. What a view!

Dinner is a mix of local and international items of which we tasted a selection of meat, chicken, frogs and vegetarian dishes.

On the menu: Saj for breakfast, pizzas, salad, crepe, sandwiches, burgers, starters, pasta, extras, drinks.


Food is served: A selection of Mezze plates followed by Kebbet Laktine tender and juicy with a rich filling, fatteh, goat Labneh with mint leaves prepared in two balls and offering an interesting texture -loved it!, arayess kafta toasted on the outside with a juicy kafta on the inside, mashed potatoes, panfried frogs with a sauce on the side. We also had the burger, a good burger for Hammana I honestly didn't expect to eat. - tender bread with sesame, a juicy and moist patty, a thick tomato slice, grilled onions and mustard. It's good; liked the mix of ingredients of which he meat is the main item, a thick juicy meat with adequate flavors. Probably local meat that's well done stuffed in a village bread without any chewiness.

The biggest suite has two rooms, a kitchen and a reception area. Spend the night, enjoying a relaxing sleep awaiting to wake up to the sound of chirping birds and this magnificent view.

Check out the hotel's photos and plan your next visit to Hammana.





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