March 14, 2013

Happy Anniversary NoGarlicNoOnions: Let's Celebrate

Last year, this month, I had a dream - yes I know I sound like Martin Luther King, but I totally understand what he meant when he said that back then... When you are so passionate about something... you start seeing the future clearly. This makes you more ambitious and more determined to make it happen.
One year later, over 500 restaurants reviewed, around 200 cities, a few law suits thrown my way and of course 12 kilos heavier, my year has been amazingly intense on so many levels and I have my readers to thank.
I was sitting behind my desk at my clinic (in case you're not aware, I am a dentist by profession), a year ago, when I thought of starting my own food blog. I travel a great deal and my love for food has driven me to try so many restaurants around the world. I always felt the need to share my experiences and I did just so on TripAdvisor for a while. I then thought, why not start my own platform. Here's how NoGarlicNoOnions started. The name came about in a flash - it catchy and it reflects me since I am allergic to both of these ingredients. Not a day, since then, have passed-by where I didn't have the urge to share my culinary experiences with you - whether I had "Burger King" for lunch, or ordered take away from "Roadster Diner" or even had a majestic breakfast at "Hotel Le Vendome"... I had to share it with you.
Traveling to places like Moscow, Mumbai, London... I discovered a lot and tasted ingredients never tried before... Experienced airlines, scouted airport lounges and came back with the littlest details... Along the way, I have met great and professional people, seriously, people who have been in the industry long, starred chefs, managers thanking me for my reviews, readers sharing their thoughts while other friends have sent me full reviews on places they have tried in Canada, New York, Paris... this has expanded the site to include places and countries I may have not visited yet.. I have shared on Friends&Co. section of the site. I have always been honest, never accepted an invitation to review a place and have always been as detailed as possible... I don't expect everyone to accept or agree with what I say... but I somehow hope you all share my passion for food ... My intentions have always been to share, whether good or bad, everyone deserves to know and my aim has always been to strive in making the culinary experience enjoyable for everyone.
The new year carries a lot of surprises and more exciting news... keep your kitchen mitts on!  
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