January 19, 2014

Happy Eggs: Eggs Laid by Happy Hens

‘Happy Eggs’ is a packaging concept for eggs. It focuses on using sustainable materials and production methods. It is targeted at environmentally conscious customers, which also value the quality of the product. Label is designed to look aesthetically pleasing as well as to minimize and simplify the use of material. The structure is made of cutter hay, using heat-pressing process to form it. This object engages people not only through visual language, but also by its natural smell. The packaging also relates to chicken’s nest, eggs natural habitat.
From the envioremental point of view hay is natural, quickly growing, renewable material. Also the new usage for the hay would be helpful to maintain enviormental balance. At the moment, there is no need to mow the old pastures, because the traditional breeding of grass eating animals is being replaced with big farms with different requirements, and those meadow habitats are becoming overgrown. Therefore many plant species that need light are disappearing as well. So the necessity of collecting hay could help keep those habitats in balance.
Project made it to the final of make me! 2013 contest.
Categories: Food Gadgets


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