November 18, 2013

Happy Monday: Technology Meets Breakfast in a Fun Way

Recharge yourself body, mind, soul and your mobile device in case you didn't the night before with the BELLA Toast and Brew Breakfast Station. This single serve coffee maker and built in toaster with bagel, defrost and cancel functions is ideal for students and anyone who has a small space - I think its great right there in my office.


Available in a variety of colors, the combination appliance will brighten any day. If that doesn't do it, the 14-ounce single-serve coffee maker might do the trick. For the hungry, the two-slice toaster offers a bagel setting, browning control, and reheat and defrost options. And of course, the USB port located on the front lower left of the unit provides the means to really power through your day.

Categories: Food Gadgets Appliances


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