September 07, 2013

Hard Rock Cafe Beirut is Closing Tomorrow!

Hard Rock Cafe is closing its doors. This news saddens me big time - one of Beirut's landmarks in Ain Mreiseh will no longer be... I said, it must be a rumor, so I called the restaurant this morning and a nice guy answered me, saying "Hard Rock Cafe, how can I help you!" He was full of energy. So I thought, am sure the news is not true, this guy seems happy, positive and energetic.

  • I then asked him: "Is it true that Hard Rock Cafe will be closing?"
  • Here his voice changed: "Yes, sadly it is!"
  • I said why? What happened? When?
  • He then said, "It was sudden decision from the owners. But please come today. It's going to be special. All our regulars will be here to say goodbye, so please come. It is going to be fun."

I have been to Hard Rock Café a million times and every time I go I remember why I love this place so much... First dates, friends gatherings, its identity, the ambiance, the warmth, the decoration, the welcoming and the signature dishes they have...


l have already mentioned in my previous reviews, how Hard Rock Café is my favorite international diner in Beirut. There is something about this place that makes it so special, its that familiar feeling that I am going to miss tremendously. 


The nice guy who answered me said that they might open in another location. But nothing is for sure!

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