June 22, 2013

Helix Cork: The Only Reusable Cork

Amorim and O-I launched HELIX, an innovative reusable cork that gives the fun associated with festive ‘pop’ with opening a bottle of wine.


The new ‘twist to open’ concept combines an ergonomically-designed stopper made from cork and a glass bottle with an internal thread finish in the neck, creating a high performing and sophisticated wine packaging solution. HELIX combines all the benefits of cork and glass – quality, sustainability and premium image with user-friendly, re-sealable convenience. It can be quickly and easily implemented by wineries with only a minor adjustment to the existing filling lines. The result of a four-year partnership between Amorim and O-I, the development of HELIX drew on both companies’ innovation capabilities and expertise in serving global wine markets, gained from a heritage that stretches back over a century.


This is the market's not only a 100% renewable, modern product, but also a solution that enhances the wine drinking experience through opening and resealing convenience. In extensive testing conducted by Amorim and O-I, wine packaged in HELIX glass bottles with cork stoppers showed no alteration in terms of taste, aroma or color.

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