August 02, 2012

How To 101: Make Your Ice Cubes Clear

Looking for a way to make your ice cubes crystal clear instead of cloudy? 

You ever notice that when you make ice cubes in your freezer they usually come out all cloudy? The reason? You're using cold water. If you want your ice cubes to come out more clear, use hot water from the tap or even better, boiling water. Most of the cloudiness comes from air that's in the water. If you use hot water, there's less air in there.

Start with distilled water (to eliminate the minerals) and boil it (to eliminate air dissolved in the water). Make the cubes small or thin to get closer to the way that icicles are formed.

Also, try to reduce the power of your freezer in order to allow time for the gases to diffuse out just before freezing.

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