January 06, 2017 Lebanon Middle East

Ichiban Express Delivery: Professional Packaging, Good Food
Get it Delivered Casual Dining

Phone Number: +961-4-721 821

Address: Zalka main road, Jal El Dib, Metn, Lebanon

Website: www.ichibancuisine.com

Price Range: 0-0 $

Ichiban Express is a popular casual sushi restaurant with more than a dozen locations across Lebanon. I've been ordering a lot from them lately and have realized that their rolls as well as their packaging have improved drastically!


Having Sushi is surely taste-related but believe me it's much more than that. Come with me on a journey of ordering from Ichiban...

What I love about Ichiban:

  • Gentle and professional staff. Good service and a smiling delivery person.
  • When you place an order for delivery, you will be informed that there's an hour waiting time. The rolls are all prepared a-la-minute.
  • Great packaging.
  • You're sent a number of chopsticks, soy sauce and ginger containers.
  • Two kinds of ginger: Pink and white.
  • Rolls are beautifully set and presented.
  • Good taste for its category: (casual sushi places).

Let's talk about the packaging:

  • It's clear that Ichiban has invested a lot in their design and packaging. A new logo, a new direction, a story... nice colors, fresh vibes!
  • The carton is thick and hosts a cup of ginger and another of soy sauce. 
  • The rolls are beautifully placed apart from one another without touching the other.
  • I love their generosity. Even though you already received in the box your white ginger and soy sauce, another box of pink ginger and more soy sauce are sent on the side.
  • If your order is for three people, expect to receive at least 12 chopsticks! 
  • What I love about Ichiban is that you get your money's worth. Their sushi are tasty and handled with it with respect, style and attention.


Now for the taste.

Yes, they have had problems with the taste before, but have since worked on them. I think they taste much better, at least in my opinion. I have been ordering Ichiban at least once a month for the last year and have had no problems with the taste whatsoever: Delicious rolls, well cooked rice, fresh fish and carefully mixed sauces.

Dinner was great, an experience I'll be repeating again and again. And that is not to mention their amazing "Sushi Burritos" that's way better than any other Sushi Burrito I've tried.





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