October 07, 2016 California USA Americas

Joe's Pizza: Santa Monica's Ocean Drive Pizzeria


Welcoming: 1/5

Food Temperature: 7/10

Ambiance / Music: 7/10

Menu Choice: 3/5

Food Taste: 22/30

Architecture / Interior: 6/10

Food presentation: 6/10

Service: 5/10

Value for money: 9/10

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Joe's Pizza is Santa Monica's Ocean Drive Pizzeria. It's more like a neighborhood pizzeria that stays open after 10pm.


In this small shop where walls are covered with white ceramic tiles and a couple seats, you'll find an oven behind the counter and four men preparing the pizzas one at a time. Huge pizzas sold by the slice.

The pizzas are delicious, super thin, extra crunchy topped with a thick juicy layer of tomato sauce, melting mozzarella and a thick crunchy yet tender borders. Truffle oil, white cheese and balsamic vinegar... all are excellent, while the pepperoni are exquisite. Their slice of Margheritta pizza is way better than any of the ones I have tried in hundreds of pizzerias...



Joe's pizzas are all about the juicy rich ingredients and thin crispy dough.

It may not be the cleanest or fanciest of places but their pizzas are very good and recommended. I loved it! 

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