November 06, 2014

Kababji’s New Baabda Branch: A Modern Look at the Traditional

The 20-year-old iconic food brand, Kababji unveiled its new image on Thursday, October 23, at its latest branch in Baabda. It brought together a crowd of partners, media and digital influencers to enjoy the opening through an insider look at the newest addition to the Kababji network of branches. The event was also a platform for the storied Lebanese restaurant to showcase its physical transformation, as well as the changes it is making in its menu and philosophy. Several stations were set up within the branch, with each highlighting the keys to the brand’s success: prime ingredients, better foods and the Kababji way, from grill to the table.

Kababji 1

Kababji’s health oriented cuisine has been present in the lives of people, and on the table of every home for just over twenty years. The passion, care and quality that Kababji is known for putting into the food and service standards have always made the restaurant a favorite. Today, this traditional Lebanese and Mediterranean restaurant is looking ahead and modernizing its image, restaurants and its offering, making sure that the iconic brand stays up to date, and never behind.

The District Operations Manager and Deputy GM explained to the guests how meticulous Kababji is when it comes to choosing the best possible vegetables or meats for their clients. “We ensure that all the ingredients that enter the kitchen of any Kababji all over the country are of the highest nutritional quality and grade,” explained Elias Khawand.

Kababji 2

Not only do the products of Kababji go through a rigorous selection process, but the menu in itself has very much evolved over the years to include lighter choices, as well as a full vegan menu. Kababji partnered up with one of the leading nutritionists in the country to create this offering, and Mrs. Sawsan Wazzan was on hand to explain how this process came to be. “Kababji approached me to build a light menu that was nutritionally balanced and healthy, yet filled with flavor and taste. That is exactly what we created,” she added.

Kababji 3

Finally, the founder, Toufic Khoueiri, addressed the guests on the process and future developments at Kababji. “Kababji is positioned as a traditional Lebanese and Mediterranean fast casual dining concept, and we also want to keep up with the trends and grow with our consumers to match their lifestyle, behaviors and tastes. This branch is one of the many transformations that Kababji has implemented and will continue applying in its network and structure, “stated Mr. Khoueiri. He continued, “Kababji is also looking to expand on a global scale, in order to spread its Mediterranean roots to the major metropolitan cities around the world. We have been serving Lebanon and its visitors for the past 20 years, and we look forward to continuing and growing this tradition for many years to come.”

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