June 12, 2014

KAFA: Mom… Please LEAVE!

Mayssa has had enough, Mayssa cannot stand seeing her mother being continuously abused by a man she calls "dad". Mayssa, an NGNO reader wants to give a message to her mother, she wants her voice to be heard by thousands of people who are in similar situations... So she approached us with a heart touching letter she has written (below) to relay her message... Kafa! Read her words...


Every mother’s excuse for not leaving her abusive husband is her children – “I can’t leave,”she says. “I’d go through hell to give my children a normal happy life.” In fact, hell is nothing compared to what she and her children have to put up with every single day.

Being the daughter of an abusive father, I know that going to bed covered in bruises, or biting your pillow so he wouldn’t hear you sobbing because your mom is being beaten up, cursed at and humiliated – because dinner wasn’t ready on time or because your sister scraped her knee while playing or even worse, for no particular reason - is far from being considered normal or happy.

Having lived most of my life being afraid of that man I got used to calling dad, I really wish I had a say in my mom’s decision to stay. STAY! What a small and silly word this is. STAY is all it takes to change the meaning of life for a child. When your mom decides to stay, you learn that being obedient is good, but being opinionated is enough reason to be punished. You learn that having good grades is also fine, but daring to choose your own major is something you’ll regret for a long time – at least until you dare make another wrong judgment that you SHOULD end up regretting. But what can you do? You need your mom and your mom needs you. After all, she stayed for you.

STAY! Stay because you want your children to grow up in a “loving” family. Stay because you don’t want society to point fingers at them. Stay because this is what’s best for them. Whatever he does, just stay. It’s easier to stay. But remember one thing: you have a choice, they don’t!  And while you can choose to leave and live a normal happy life with them, you would rather become a victim, and burden them with a life-long feeling of guilt that’s been growing inside them ever since they understood you had stayed for them. Turn them into victims, make them suffer what you suffered, bring them to a point where they realize that the normal happy life they had always wished for was one choice, one decision, one action away – LEAVE.

LEAVE the abuse, the fear, the humiliation, the guilt, the sadness, the pain; leave all this behind and start a new normal happy life with these innocent souls you had promised to do anything and everything to protect.


LEAVE before it’s too late. LEAVE before you lose your children. LEAVE before you lose their love and respect. Just LEAVE mom… please LEAVE!Mayssa S.

NoGarlicNoOnions will always support KAFA until an original law, protection women from abuse, is signed and passed on by our government!

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