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Kaldi: A Coffee Experience on Jeanne D'Arc Street
Coffee Talk

Probably the first coffee bar in Lebanon is now open on Jeanne D'Arc street. It's called KALDI; a speciality coffee shop down a corner street on Bliss. 


Coffee beans of different origins are available here and each is used to create a unique blend for specific kinds of coffee... Turkish coffee is made with beans from Mexico, Sumatran coffee beans are used for the pullover coffee and Kenyan coffee beans are used for French press. They even have a signature blend; Cafe Kaldi. Choose your coffee and your preferred method of brewing and enjoy.

It's a very small shop where wood takes over inside and out. With high tables and bar stools to sit at, the place can host up to six guests at a time. Behind the bar, the barista is ready to take you on a journey. He has half a dozen machines and uses various different techniques; watch him play behind his bar.

Rich aromas with a light intensity - the single origin Sumatran coffee is lightly acidic, a bit bitter and watery smooth. The cone filter made with Kaldi's blend is more acidic, stronger in color and more intense in flavor. The espresso is different to any espresso you've ever had. The Ethiopian and Colombian coffees are strong, full bodied, aromatic and acidic...


I also tried the cold cappuccino mix. This is what a cappuccino tastes like without the sweetness of a frappuccino. Simple and to the point, flavored with chocolate, the cold cappuccino contains crushed ice and no sugar. A must try!


While I was enjoying tasting the coffee, beans were being freshly roasted. The smell sent enchantment into the streets attracting people to stop and inquire.

Welcomed by the owner himself, you will be guided into the world of coffee.

A pleasant experience where I was treated to the different aromas and tastes of each regional bean and speciality blend. Every coffee is different, every country is different, every technique takes you on a different journey.

It's Kaldi down on Bliss.

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