February 25, 2012 Prague Czech Republic Europe

Kavarna Obecni dum - Public House Cafe, Czech Republic

Phone Number: +420 222 002 763

Address: náměstí Republiky 5 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic

Website: http://www.kavarnaod.cz/index.asp?menu=1000

Price Range: 0-0 $


Welcoming: 3/5

Food Temperature: 5/10

Ambiance / Music: 8/10

Menu Choice: 3/5

Food Taste: 12/30

Architecture / Interior: 9/10

Food presentation: 5/10

Service: 7/10

Value for money: 7/10

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If you’re in Czech Republic, it’s worth visiting the Public House because it’s a great representation of the culture, but I should warn you, the food isn’t that divine. I would recommend to go try it out for coffee only and not food.

Like other large European cities, Prague has its share of famous cafés, which, in the last century, were the center of cultural and social life. Kavárna Obecní dum is, without a doubt, one of the best examples. Although the peak period of the artists’ avant-garde and the Prague elite belongs to history already, the spirit of the 20thcentury is clearly very much alive here. Kavárna Obecní dum offers the possibility to relax and enjoy a cup of delicious coffee and one of the famous desserts in beautiful Secession-era premises. Thanks to the effective contemporary-style interior, you will be able to forget the hustle and bustle of modern-day life and relax in the ambiance of a classic 20th-century café.

It is indeed a nice and authentic place, and the restaurant should be visited, because it’s part of the culture. If you didn’t pass by, it would be like passing through Moscow without having a coffee at Cafe Pushkin or Vienna without eating at Sakher. But unfortunately, the Kaverna is too touristic and the food is really bad.

The words tourists and touristic are written all over and that is not a good marketing strategy.





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