April 28, 2016 Korea

Korean Air Business Lounge at Seoul Airport
Non-smokers friendly

Up on the first floor facing Gate 115 is the Korean Air Business Lounge in partnership with Skyteam. Beautifully lit with a view of the tarmac, this simple lounge, which I visited six years ago, has not changed since. I still remembered the molded sponge sofas and wanted to experience them again.


It took me fifty long minutes to reach the lounge after check-in. A coffee, breakfast on the go and I continued my journey of searching for gifts.

The lounge is a wide square, beautifully lit and filled with those green and brown sponge sofas as well as others made of leather. You can shower, sleep or relax in one of their private spaces.

A wide choice of magazines, a couple of televisions, working desks, electrical plugs and the buffet. 


This morning the choices for breakfast covered different cuisines. Croissants, cakes, bread, fruits, yogurt, fish cake, omelets, sausages, a salad bar, nuts and biscuits, wines and spirits with some desserts. They also have a coffee machine, a soft drink draft station and two draft beers.

Arrive early and spend some time relaxing in here. 


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