October 21, 2021

Korean food products Available in the UAE

Have you tried Korean food products?

It is the exotic change that your taste needs, so why not enjoying our products now available all around the UAE

It appears to be that Korean culture, what is known as (K-POP) is upon us in every aspect of life, in TV, Movies, art styles and decor.  Then you might ask, what about Korean foods?

And now, all new products of Korean foods are available in the local market, in conjunction with the National Day of Korea.


Our famous crunchy and sweet Korean pear, which is known to be less sour than similar fruits, with pure and refined sweet taste. Our Korean pear could add a great variety to your table and benefits your health as well, wither you consume it as juice, jam, or in fruit salad.

Our Korean pear is rich with digestive enzyme that helps relieve the stomach, with a moisture content of over 90%, it is rich with organic amino acid and sugars which Korean consumers use it to deal with hangovers, and fatigue recovery. It is rich with vitamins and potassium.

Our Korean pear receives a special love and care throughout all stages from picking until it reaches the consumer, and a strict process of control guidelines are followed in cultivating, harvesting, sorting, packaging and export management. Because we adhere to the superb quality of our beloved Korean pear.

With many new orders and a large increase in demand that is steadily growing since it was first imported to local markets so try some and savour the taste.

For extra info and recipes please check http://kfood10.com/?p=216

Korean Red Ginseng

The Korean Red Ginseng is used by Koreans an as anti-oxidant and an immunity booster. Many researchers have found Korean Red Ginseng’s benefit to memory and blood flow, as well as its help with skin aging and menopausal symptoms.

Our Red Ginseng is cultivated and processed from fresh Ginseng plants with the highest standards, then it is made by thoroughly washing the fresh ginseng then steaming and drying it which gives our Ginseng its unique red colour, and can be preserved for long periods of time.

You can consume it either with tea or added to soup that gives it an extra pinch of taste and an increase in health benefits.

We also take the effort with carefully selected batches for exports that meets the standards of the importing countries. 

So why not enjoy a cup of Korean Red Ginseng tea and relax.

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