April 09, 2013

La Vit: Design and Wine at Vinitaly

Since wine bars seem to be a popular trend today, I though why not shed some light on some interesting wine related designs. This week, one of the world's biggest wine and spirits exhibitions, Vinitaly in Verona takes place where new a range of wine racks, tables and low tables and many other accessories dedicated to wine were launched by de RE.

de Re established in 2012 with the aim of satisfying the furnishing needs of wine lovers. Born from the entrepreneurial experience of its founder Franco De Re, it proposes a range of accessories that incorporates a melting pot of cultural values linked to the exotic places, where the company collects some excellent materials.


“La Vit”, a singular object that blend together design and wine and incorporates de RE great craftsmanship experience, represents the brand. “La Vit” is the main furnishing complement of the brand. It is a sculpture in cast aluminum that evokes the organic lines of the vine and that can be used as a coat rack. Franco De Re explains, “It wants to be a praise to the wild climbing plant that the man could shape, cure and graft. He could harvest the plant and collect those fruits to squeeze obtaining the astonishing juice that will mature and become wine”.


The collection comprises a range of wine racks, seats, tables, glacette and furnishing complements like vases, lamps or coat racks. de RE pushes itself away from the production thought exclusively to furnish houses whereas it dedicates its products to wine bars or restaurants.

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