March 13, 2016 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Le Talleyrand: One of My Favorite Places Revisited (Restaurant Closed)

Phone Number: +961 1 371500

Address: Fakhreddine Street, Kantari, Minet El Hosn, Beirut, Lebanon ( 12PM - 11PM)


Price Range: 50-80 $


Welcoming: 4/5

Food Temperature: 9/10

Ambiance / Music: 9/10

Menu Choice: 4/5

Food Taste: 28/30

Architecture / Interior: 9/10

Food presentation: 9/10

Service: 8/10

Value for money: 9/10

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With so many places opening, new food concepts mushrooming around the country, it’s really hard to keep up or find time to visit some of your old favorite restaurants. Some places are a must visit every once in a while, just to remind ourselves that there are special restaurants in our country that have passed the test of time and still offer their clientele the same good and tasty dishes. One such place is definitely Le Talleyrand.


Le Talleyrand is indeed one of the oldest fine dining restaurants in Beirut. When Le Talleyrand first opened ten years ago, other fine dining restaurants like La Table Fine and Burgundy where not even around yet.

Located in Qantari area on Fakhr-el-Dine Street, on the first floor of L'Orient Le Jour building is Le Talleyrand, a high-end restaurant that seat more than 80 persons.

I like it and I understand why its regulars always come by with their families or for business meetings. Its interior is classical, its dimmed and cozy and the music is light and soothing. During the day you will also enjoy natural light that comes in from all sides as fresh air flows in from the garden side. While during the summer you can book a table on the terrace which is a pleasant experience to be enjoyed in the heart of the capital.


I think that I can safely say by now that Le Talleyrand, when it comes to high-end dining, offers the best value for money. I didn't know, but was surprised to discover that Le Talleyrand has undergone some fine renovation, they’ve covered the floor with a light colored wood parquet, the walls have been painted grey and decorated with indirect lighting while the terrace welcomes you into a garden in the heart of our busy capital.

The first impression:

  • Metallic cactus decorate the tables
  • Peugeot pepper mill.
  • A metallic basket for the bread.
  • Victorinox knives

The menu is quiet rich. One simple paper with a large choice that suits all needs and changes according to the season.

Drinks with nuts and fresh vegetables followed by lunch starting with fine butter and warm bread.

Let’s enjoy the food…

  • The presentation makes your mouth water. Sit and enjoy some cauliflower, carrots and cucumbers served in Martini cups with a selection of nuts. We are then served a basket of warm and tender light crusted bread with sesame and a small plate of butter on a square of ice. The butter is rolled the fine dining way.
  • Green beans salad: What finesse. A mountain of green beans, simply green beans, a generous portion shredded in slices standing high on a bath of lemon juice served with an artichoke sliced in four. Some diced tomatoes add a touch of color. I loved the textures and crunch, the freshness and the mouthwatering look of this enjoyable salad. Recommended simplicity
  • A tender chunk of beef topped with creamy pepper sauce looks amazing. A large plate with such finesse carries a piece of premium beef with tender red heart and its sauce. Peppers explode under your teeth. This dish is full of flavor and leaves an enjoyable punch around the palate. This meat is like nothing I have had before. A signature dish indeed. Order along some sautéed spinach, which I recommend, some crunchy French fries, mashed potato purée and steamed vegetables and feel the difference in every bite.
  • Mushroom Risotto: Creamy sauce, al dente rice mixed together with melting cheese. Neat and clear taste, a non-sophisticated risotto.


And then I heard a crunch... The knife cutting through this rectangular piece of cake, "crunch", "crunch", my mouth started salivating.


The most important part of this lunch and one of the reasons that take me come back again and again to Lee Talleyrand are the desserts - sumptuous, mouthwatering and exquisite desserts.

You can't come to Le Talleyrand and not end your meal with their famous Mille Feuille. An airy cake made of hundreds of layers of super crunchy dough embracing a pastry cream with a light sweetness. A cake that's so fine crumbles under your teeth leaving amazement behind. This square masterpiece is decorated with sliced grilled almonds and topped with powder sugar. A cake of dreams, surely one of the best Mille Feuille Lebanon has ever witnessed. The cream, the crunch of he almonds, the flakiness of the dough, the enjoyable sweetness.... To die for!


Lunch ended with a selection of three sorbets created in-house, icy sorbet with real fruit taste.

I’m so happy I came back here after all this time… the experience just reminded me of how great and consistently professional Le Talleyrand is… Everything was good, from the valet parking to the welcoming, the waiters, the service, the cutlery and the quality and freshness. I recommend it.





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