July 12, 2012

Lebanese Restaurants Around The World

Do you ever feel the need to eat Lebanese while abroad? Or want to invite some your foreign friends to taste the specialties we, as Lebanese, are proud of?

For most of its past, Lebanon has been ruled by foreign powers that have influenced the types of food the Lebanese ate. From 1516 to 1918, the Ottoman Turks controlled Lebanon and introduced a variety of foods that have become staples in the Lebanese diet, such as cooking with lamb. After the Ottomans were defeated in World War I (1914–1918), France took control of Lebanon until 1943, when the country achieved its independence. During this time, the French introduced foods such as flan, a caramel custard dessert dating back to the 16th century, and buttery croissants. The Lebanese themselves have also helped bring foods of other cultures into their diet. Ancient tribes journeyed throughout the Middle East, carrying with them food that would not spoil easily, such as rice and dates.

While surfing the net, I found this new site where all Lebanese Restaurants around the world are listed.

Check it out:

LEBANESE RESTAURANTS AROUND THE WORLD Or maybe want to buy some local ingredients you miss, while abroad?

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