June 09, 2014

Les Giscard: Enjoy Chocolate the Way Celebrities and Politicians Do...

A patient of mine, with whom I share the same passion for food and traveling, came into my office yesterday with a surprise from her last trip to Switzerland. A box of chocolates from Würthrich, home of the world-famous "Giscard" chocolates (called so because President of France, Giscard d'Estaing, had a standing order for them to be sent to the Elysée!) Giscard_Wüthrich_Chocolate_Switzerland_Lausanne1 Although Wüthrich located in Lausanne, Switzerland, is popular for it's variety of  specialties, they have been know around to be the sole provider of Les Giscard for the last thirty years. The chocolates are beautifully placed in an elegant silver grey box, wrapped with a beautiful blue, white and red ribbon (a reminder of the French flag) and a simple sticker; Wüthrich. Unwrap the ribbon, open the box to find three rows of 15 chocolate bites. Divided in two kinds; milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Cylindrical bites filling cups of milk or dark chocolate on the outside, filled with chocolate ganache laid on caramel syrup and a crunchy flaked almonds and caramel mix tops each. A mix of different textures combined together creating a fine piece of delicacy. A sticky feel caresses your upper teeth, a melting strong and intense chocolate before the caramel starts flowing on your tongue. Small bites, addictive bites...  I ate six already so far... while writing this review... Giscard_Wüthrich_Chocolate_Switzerland_Lausanne9 This is truly unique creation appreciated by celebrities and important personalities from the world... I am pleased to have had the chance to enjoy them as well... Thank you...





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