October 01, 2017 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Let's Chocolate: Crepes and Waffles in Hazmieh (Restaurant Closed)

Now open on the highway linking Hazmieh with the Bekaa "Let's Chocolate" is a dessert parlor, next to "Tomatomatic" and "Wrap n' Roll", serving crepes, waffles and pancakes. 12 choices of sweet crepes, four savory creeps, two waffles and pancakes.


A man wearing uniform welcomes you and asks you what you'd like to try. The menu is being changed soon, so pancakes were not available and neither were dark chocolate crepes. When he starts preparing my order, the smell is enchanting!

Let's Chocolate is a simple eatery made of one counter and three tables. There are wooden and red metallic chairs which face the crepe and waffle machines. A portion of waffle dough, white chocolate heated to melting point, pre-prepared crepe heated and covered with chocolate sauce... I ordered four things to have a complete overview of the menu.


I enjoyed the crepe dough which was very thin and light white in color. Not chewy, not sweet and ready to host any sweet filling you desire. The simple chocolate crepe is just that: a crepe topped with milk, white and dark chocolate sauce. Even though I'm not a fan of sweet chocolate, the crepe quality made the difference. I've rarely enjoyed - in Lebanon - a crepe mixture that's not chewy, and not overloaded with vanilla and sugar.

The banana wrap is simply banana wrapped as is in a crepe and topped with lotus biscuits and Belgian chocolate. It's a good combination and an interesting way to prepare the crepe - if only the crepe and bananas were heated so as to melt in the mouth!

Loved the crepe mix itself... would have appreciated it more with dark chocolate!





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