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Lina's Rabieh: The Region Needed it Badly

Phone Number: +961 1 499 099


Website: https://www.facebook.com/LinasLeb

Price Range: 20-45 $

We, residents of the upper Metn region have been waiting for a coffee place to open in our area. With such a booming economy in the villages of Rabieh, Mtayleb, Mazraat Yachouh and Kornet Chehwan where more than 17 banks have opened recently, Burger King, Pizza Hut and three Sushi restaurants to date, along businesses known in the country. A national renowned name was eagerly awaited to transform the area into a self sufficient one.


Before Lina's opened its doors, organizing a gathering with friends for coffee, puffing a cigar puff or having a quick lunch in a nice setting was not possible unless you go down to Anetlias and Dbayeh where a number of coffee houses are available. Lina's, which opened recently alongside Wooden Bakery on Rabieh's internal road, welcomes you for breakfast, lunch and dinner, everyday and all week. More than just a sandwich restaurant, Lina’s has given fast food a touch of elegance and style. This restaurant/cafe, with its warm and welcoming décor, is a venue where business people, students and shoppers share a relaxing moment while enjoying their favorite Lina’s meal made from its exclusive recipes and fresh ingredients. Lina’s is now a well-established name with over sixty restaurants open worldwide. It has fashioned an innovative approach to fast food whereby the meals are based on original and exclusive ingredients of recipes and that are prepared in a hygienic setting in front of the customer. In Lebanon you can find Lina's in Downtown Beirut, ABC Dbayeh, ABC Ashrafieh, Hamra, Kaslik, City Mall, Verdun, Le Mall - Sin El Fil, Jal El Dib, Rabieh and Zaytouna Bay.


The place's little secrets:

  • Lina's is a coffee shop that's longer than wide
  • The left wall is painted in white and decorated with wood panels, a TV screen and the bar
  • The right side is filled with high glass facades with a view on the valley and the outside terrace
  • The floor is covered with light wood parquet
  • Around square tables of dark wood, the Lina's signature sofas have three different colors: Orange, violet and beige
  • At the end of the restaurant, to the left, a bar displays some alcohol bottles and the menu. A fridge shows the fresh ingredients that will fill your sandwiches

Meeting a friend for an afternoon coffee, we decided to give Lina's desserts a try... and I'm glad we did so. Our choice included the "Brioche aux Amandes" and "Gateau Citron", two delicious creations that are different from the average commercial cakes you eat around the country. A thick and large almond brioche is moist on the inside and topped with grilled almonds and powdered sugar. A spongy and juicy dough that melts under your teeth in style while the topping crunches smoothly to add finesse and flavoring. Wow! I simply loved it.


The lemon cake on another hand, has a special touch as well. A thick piece of English cake style pastry that will make your mouth water just by looking at its presentation. Bits of red fruits baked within the mixture richly cover the rich dough below. Expect to enjoy an intense lemon flavor. The plate is decorated with raspberry couli.


To accompany these pieces, what else than Lina's signature frozen lemonade. Choose between the green and the red one, each provides a different feel. I prefer the green one that's more of a lemonade with its intense taste. The red has a sweeter touch and blends less with ice; juice and ice stay separated making the drink finish in seconds.


If you live in the area and want to indulge in a simple coffee next to home, Lina's is now open.

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