March 20, 2014 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Little Helps: This Season's Maamoul for a Good Cause

With today's economic and social crisis, as well as political unrest in Lebanon, a group of women have joined our hands to Bake for a Cause.


"This season, YOU can make a big difference"

We are friends, we are foodies, we are party animals but we also Bake for a Good Cause! Oh and we don't just bake... we Rock in baking!

Crazy as it sounds here's the project: Maamoul making , baking , and selling. All funds will be used directly to help the needy in Lebanon coming from various backgrounds. Among whom are the underprivileged living in different regions across Lebanon, orphans, the elderly and the refugees fleeing from Syria seeking shelter. The Little Helps team:little helps

  • Sandra Dagher
  • Paola Skaff Alford
  • Rosie Choueiry
  • Tina Jarrous Faucon
  • Carla Skaff Jabra
  • Candice Lorfing

How it works:

  • 25'000 LL/ 500g
  • Small bite size maamoul : pistachio, almonds, dates
  • Sold @ souk el tayeb in Beirut Souks during the month of April
  • Sold thru pre order, then pick-up from various locations

With your little help they will surely make a BIG difference. Sales will start during the month of April in Souk el Tayeb Beirut Souks every Saturday For all Maamoul pre-orders:  [email protected] Call: 03450390 - 03240073

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