August 04, 2012

Living Room Lounge & Bar Dubai

HBA / Hirsch Bedner Associates, the global leader in interior design, announces the completion of their renovation of Grand Hyatt Dubai including the Living Room Lounge & Bar.  Dubai, known as the “City of Life,’ has become one of the most vibrant, young and dynamic cities today.  The harmonious mix of diverse cultures spanning the Middle East, Europe and Asia living and working together in Dubai inspired the Living Room concept.  HBA, using their expertise in restaurant and bar design, drew from Dubai’s local tradition of luxury to create the Living Room Lounge & Bar which plays off the city’s rich, local culture.

Majestically towering over Dubai’s historic creek, Grand Hyatt Dubai sets the standard for excellence in a city known for extravagance.  The Living Room Lounge & Bar combines cultural interplay, artistry and unique spatial planning creating an energetic and alive environment that could only exist in a city such as Dubai. “Dubai is such a vibrant and culturally rich city that we did not have to look far for inspiration for the Living Room,” says HBA Dubai Managing Associate, Michelle Evans. “In order to design a bar and lounge that offers the ultimate guest experience, we took cues from Arabic rhythms and patterns and fused them with luxurious materials while always maintaining the high quality standards of the Grand Hyatt brand.” With lounge, chill-out, soul and funk music evoking a sensation of relaxation, the Living Room Lounge & Bar is a trendy and stylish venue offering an eclectic and original cocktails and drinks list with an accompanying menu of light bites. The space incorporates elements from local cultures and unites them in a melting pot of styles creating a soothing and exotic atmosphere. The space is made up of four distinct lounges linked together by a series of portals that play into Dubai’s see-and-be-seen tradition by offering glimpses between rooms.  Each lounge has a different color scheme, although all are bold and harmonious through the use of luxe velvets and leathers to finish the space.  The “live kitchen” is a stand out feature, showcasing chefs in their working environment, turning food into art.

Each Living Room has a unique concept and cultural identity, while blending together seamlessly.

The Sunken Lounge is the heart of the space. Each of the rooms emanate from this central entry point.

The Velvet Lounge takes inspiration from the Middle East’s love of color. The space incorporates vivid hues of purples and magenta with a hint of gold along with velvets and richly patterned fabrics.  Every detail is thought through, down to the junction from floor to walls – the transition is curved in order to emphasize softness.

The European Lounge has Louis VX chairs upholstered in modern day fabrics and pearlized leathers with black lacquer frames. The architectural colors are white on white, which is carried through in the large oil paintings on aluminum metal by Julia Brooker.  The room is punctuated by tones of grey and vivid orange.  As guests enter the room through a glowing burnt orange portal constructed in high gloss lacquer, it creates a grand sense of entry.  In line with the Louis XIV chair, an entire wall is clad in antiqued mirror and through the wall is the portal that glimpses into the Velvet Lounge.

The Chinese Lounge is bold and strong with vibrant reds and blacks that create a real sense of drama.  The space is punctuated with oversized heavily adorned chandeliers in crystal and velvet.  The chandeliers were sourced from a local supplier, Petals, known for their flamboyant designs.  One wall is attributed to a photographic scene from a Chinese nightclub where the dress of the central figure was colored to match the silk fabrics and panels around the room.  The well-choreographed art and interior design program provide a focal point seen from all around the room and create a unique atmosphere unlike anything found in Dubai. In addition to the The Living Room Lounge & Bar, HBA also renovated two other spaces in Grand Hyatt Dubai – the Ahasees Spa & Club and Al Manzil Residence.  All three brand-new lifestyle experiences are set to enhance and complement the luxurious facilities the hotel is synonymous with.

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