February 20, 2016

Luxury Sushi Bites Joins the List of Most Expensive Foods

I think we've seen it all... a long list of edible luxuries the golden donuts to diamond encrusted ice creams and now a perfect addition to the list is the most expensive sushi in the world which comes with gold and pearls.


These luxury bites are prepared by Angelito Araneta Jr. also know as “Karat Chef”. He warps his sushi in gold leaves and African pearls. He makes it a point to incorporate gold into every one of his opulent creations, especially using traditional nori for gold leaf in his “Sushi Del Oriente”. For $1,900, the five-piece nigiri roll is made with luxe ingredients including Norwegian pink salmon and foie gras, with each bite topped with 20 carats of African diamonds and three Palawan pearls.


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