March 04, 2015

Marie: The Smart Fragrance Diffuser for your Home

I belive that I've discovered something magical. I've already bought one "Marie" for the home and getting now another for the clinic. Its smell is extraordinary and most importandly it doesn't do any spraying sound!

"cooking is love love is happiness happiness is fresh ... like air"

Elica Marie 2

Air quality and its infinite nuances has always been a major focus for Elica, the company that revolutionised the image of kitchen hoods all over the world. The experience of Elica has now conceived Marie, the smart fragrance diffuser, an innovative design article that neutralizes smells in the kitchen and naturally perfumes the air in the home.


  • Neutralization and perfuming: 5 “Neutralyx” fragrances for the kitchen, 5 fragrances for all the rooms.
  • Safe, interchangeable capsules, practical and reusable, alcohol- free, naturally based fragrances.
  • Wherever you like
  • Remote control and wireless mobility for use in the kitchen and all over the house.
  • A simple daily task
  • Easy to use. Easy to fill.

Elica Marie 4

The cold technology used for Marie avoids the device overheating, allowing safe, practical use. A motor drives air through the capsule, spreading the fragrance throughout the room. To activate Marie you only need to insert a capsule and touch the logo or use the remote control. 

Elica Marie 3

You can choose between two programmes: 60 minutes continuous or (10 minutes ON and 10 minutes OFF)

Now available in Lebanon at DuplexLine Sin el Fil

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