October 31, 2019

MASSARI (Sari Abboud); "Albeh Nkasar" Song for Lebanon

Sari Abboud, better known by his stage name Massari is a Lebanese Canadian R&B/pop singer. His music combines Middle Eastern culture with western culture. He started his musical career in 2001–2002, and has released three albums, Massari in 2005, Forever Massari in 2009 and Tune In in 2018. He has had a number of hit singles in Canada, his home country of Lebanon, the Middle East, Europe, and internationally. (Wikipedia)

Albeh Nkassar Out Now!. I'm so proud to see our people united! And My heart breaks for the families who had to suffer for so many years #albehnkassar

Albeh Nkassar Massari

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