February 28, 2015 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Mazzat: Tasty Street Food on the Mkalles Roundabout

Phone Number: +9611492177

Address: Mkalles Roundabout, Sin el Fil, Lebanon

Website: https://www.facebook.com/mazzats

Price Range: 5-20 $

You can't miss this huge place located on the Mkalles roundabout. Fast food, mashawi, sandwiches and much more is what this place is all about. With a scheduled meeting nearby, I decided to stop for a quick bite at this local place and check out what it is all about.


Mazzat has a varied menu including manakish, falafel, shawarma, burgers, grills, broasted chicken, barbecue, appetizers, salads, platters, mini sandwiches and sandwiches.

The first impression:

  • A large space and a high ceiling, all with a feel of cleanliness.
  • Dozens of hungry people enter by the minute, so freshness is guaranteed.
  • The menu's photos are beautiful and appealing.
  • Sandwiches have an average price of $5.
  • The servers are a bit rude, actually unprofessional. 
  • Honestly, I was surprised at how happily amazed I was... the sandwiches are generous, fresh and tasty.

We ordered six sandwiches to have a complete idea of the menu. Crab, shrimp, roast beef, Francisco chicken, meat shawarma and Kabab. 

While waiting to be served, I had a closer look at the place. Ceramic tiles cover the floor under a high ceiling. Enough lights fill the space for a fresh dining experience. Wooden tables surrounded by yellow leather chairs fill in the space. Live cooking takes place in three separate spaces. Burgers and shawarma are cooked in the first shop, grills are prepared in the second, main shop, while sandwiches occupy the third shop. A huge place, Barbar style.

It's a street food snack joint, not a restaurant so don't expect a perfect approach and exceptional service.


Now for the food...

The food is good:

  • We started with the crab sandwich. A fresh and moist bun filled generously with crab sticks, pickles and mayonnaise. A cold heart, warm toasted bread and a crunch. A lovely sandwich.
  • The shrimp sandwich is as good as the crab sandwich. A generous portion of shrimps, lettuce, mayonnaise, light spiciness which makes the sandwich different, and pickles. Really good indeed.
  • Shawarma: A very good, juicy and tasty shawarma, with a clean and neat taste. Even though it was rolled in two layers of bread, the filling is fresh and the meat tastes real, without an overdose of vinegar or spices. Impressively good.
  • Chicken Fransisco: As good as all the other sandwiches. A fresh bun, lightly toasted and filled with juicy tender chicken, crunchy pickles, lettuce, corn and mayonnaise. 
  • Kabab with eggplant: Tender bread filled with Hummos and sliced of grilled eggplant. Just good, a tasty sandwich I'd order again. One little thing I'd fine tune are the cold tomatoes, which are really very cold.
  • Best for last, the roast beef sandwhich. Tender bread, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, pickles and melted cheese in a toasted bun. I loved it. 


As simple as that, a sandwicheria, a street food snack, proposing a tasty and fresh bite. I'll be coming for more soon.

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