July 04, 2013

McDonald's One Day Only Quarter Pounder Jewelry Series, Japan

We’ve heard of limited edition bags, watches, cars, even helmets, and speakers. Nevertheless, have you heard of a limited edition burger? Here’s presenting you with not one, but three limited edition burgers from McDonald’s Japan that we will sell like fast.

McDonald’s Japan has conjured a new deal, offering the Quarter Pounder Jewelry series, one that is short lived, and available only for a day. That’s’ three premium burgers, which would be sold only for a single day, and that too with a hiked price tag of ¥1,000 ($10) for a burger without fries or soda.


Gold Ring – Sold only on July 6th

  • Pineapple, Smoked bacon slab, A quarter pound beef patty, Monterey jack cheese and rich BBQ sauce, which includes more than 10 different spices


Black Diamond – Sold only on July 13th

  • Truffle sauce, quarter pound beef patty, Grilled mushrooms and onions and melted cheese


Ruby Spark – Sold only on July 20th

  • 5 slices of chorizo, Avocado fillings, quarter pound beef patty and Pepper jack cheese

McDonalds is also going to offer a ¥1,200 (12$) combo meal called “Jewelry Set” that comes with Medium size French fries and a soft drink.

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