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If You Have a Gourmet Tooth: Meat The Fish!

Meat the Fish, yes Meat is spelt correctly here - is the name of a new service that's sweeping the country's gourmet tooth by storm. A spinoff service created by Royal Gourmet fills a unique niche in Lebanon offering a signature line of various smoked fish and fresh seafood from the famous English Channel, as well as Australian Prime Cut Beef straight to your doorstep. What was once only available in hotels and restaurants can now be enjoyed home for the first time. How interesting is that?


Royal Gourmet was established in 1996 and produces a variety of premium smoked salmon and supplies hotels, restaurants, caterers and supermarkets across the region, founder, Karim Arakji takes a minute to talk with NoGarlicNoOnions and explains how the idea of Meat the Fish came about.


Before going into details, it’s important to mention here that Karim has an undeniable passion for what he does. It shows in the way he explains and believes in what he’s doing… the human interaction involved in all parties is essential. He has a personal relationship with everyone involved in the process. He knows the name of the fisherman who’s getting him that special order a client requested. It’s amazing… A moment worth appreciating!

Karim tells NGNO, “People in Lebanon are starving. Not in the literal sense but starving for good, healthy products which cannot be found just anywhere. We have always been encouraged to eat well and maintain a healthy diet and to seek only high quality foods from trusted sources.” To fill this gap, Meat the Fish steps in. Their clear and professional menu gives you an idea of what they have and how things are handled, prepared and sent to you. This has helped ensure that such a well-balanced eating habit and a taste of some of the world's finest things, can be accessed by individuals through Meat the Fish home delivery services and events. While running Royal Gourmet, "Friends called me for special orders. "Please Karim, send us some Yellowtail Hamachi... Karim, do you have some organic salmon sashimi available? Karim, I am throwing a dinner party and need some lobsters, can you get me some? Can you advise me on how to prepare it... Pack it... and so on…"


These are a few of the questions some of Karim's friends ask on a weekly basis. Through word of mouth, others started calling in asking for special orders... With around 50 clients, Meat the Fish was born - a concept that offers gourmet fish and premium meat products to individuals. All you have to do is call and order and they deliver. Meat the Fish only sources its variety of premium fish and seafood from sustainable fisheries situated along the English Channel. Fish is then transported to the Lebanese mountain town of Hammana where some of it, such as salmon, is smoked in the company’s own smoke house that adheres to international standards. While its meat is from the Australian Channel Country, where the cattle graze on natural pasture. The meat is therefore flavorful and lower in total fat. Equally important is the fact that the meat is free of chemicals, hormones and antibiotics.


The best part is that there's no minimum order. If you're planning a dinner for two, you can ask for a small piece of salmon filet and they will deliver and an even more added value is that you can get further after-sales service provided by chef and culinary consultant Reem Azoury, who shares with consumers a step-by-step guide to any fish and/or meat recipe. Her expertise includes recommendations of the perfect fish and cut of meat to use for specific dishes and extends to menu planning for a whole day and/or the details of a dinner party.


The Menu:  

  • Cod
  • Cod Fillet
  • Dover Sole
  • Brill
  • Haddock
  • Haddock Fillet
  • Halibut
  • John Dory
  • Monkfish
  • Squid / Calamari
  • Turbot
  • Wild Bass
  • Wild Tuna
  • Sashimi grade
  • Yellowtail Hamachi
  • Sashimi grade


Fish Salmon

  • Organic Salmon Irish Wild Salmon Scottish Scottish Salmon LaBel Rouge Scottish Salmon Fillet LaBel Rouge
  • Organic Salmon Fillet Irish Skin-on Skin-off One portion, approx. 200g, ideal for one person
  • Organic Salmon Sashimi Irish Sashimi grade
  • Organic Salmon Carpaccio Irish Wafer thin slices of fresh organic salmon
  • Organic Ora Salmon New Zealand “The Wagyu” of the Salmon world
  • Gravlax LaBel Rouge Salmon marinated in fresh dill, olive oil & fleur de sel
  • Ruby-Red Salmon LaBel Rouge - Beetroot infused

Smoked Fish

  • Organic Smoked Salmon Irish Expertly smoked, meticulously hand sliced
  • Scottish Smoked Salmon
  • A succulent, slow-smoked salmon
  • Smoked Salmon Sashimi Cut
  • Coeur De Fillet
  • McQueen Salmon Scottish Oak-smoked, hand-cut to perfection
  • Marinated Smoked Salmon
  • Fresh dill, olive oil & fleur de sel
  • Pinkpeppercorn Smoked Salmon
  • Light sprinkle of cracked pinkpeppercorn
  • Loch Duart Flaky Smoked Salmon
  • Dark glaze, distinctive taste, served hot or cold
  • Smoked Halibut Smoked Swordfish Smoked Tuna


  • Lobster Live
  • In season
  • Crab Live Fresh Lump Crabmeat
  • Prepacked 450g container
  • Diver Scallops
  • Off the shell With the shell
  • Wild Clams
  • Minimum order of 2kg
  • Wild Mussels
  • Minimum order of 3kg Oysters Unshucked


Australian Beef

  • Obe Organic Beef Tenderloin - Grass-fed, average weight 1.5kg to 2.8kg
  • Beef Tenderloin Fillet - Black Angus, grass-fed, starting 1.8kg
  • Beef Tenderloin Fillet - Grain-fed 120 days, starting 1.8kg
  • Lamb Rack Frenched - Average weight 1kg or 8 ribs
  • Veal Tenderloin - Average weight 0.8kg to 1.2kg
  • Obe Ribeye / Entrecote - Minimum weight 2kg Ideal for escalope or pan-frying
  • Obe Striploin / Faux Fillet - Minimum weight 2kg Ideal for grinding to use in burgers, and stews
  • Veal Rack Frenched  - Average weight 2.2kg to 2.5kg
  • Wagyu Beef Tenderloin - Grain-fed, MB9, minimum 2.2kg

Gourmet Basket - Gift Baskets

  • Beef Tenderloin Grain-fed 1.8kg
  • Scottish Smoked Salmon 200g
  • Smoked Tuna 200g
  • Smoked Swordfish 200g
  • Ideal for 4 to 6 people

Organic Basket

  • Organic Obe Beef Tenderloin 1.5kg
  • Organic Smoked Salmon, Irish 400g
  • Organic Salmon Sashimi 400g
  • Organic Salmon Carpaccio 400g Ideal for 4 to 6 people

Epicurean Delight

  • Salmon Sashimi Cut 400g
  • Organic Smoked Salmon, Irish 400g
  • Smoked Halibut 200g
  • Marinated Smoked Salmon 200g
  • Lamb Rack Frenched 800g
  • Beef Tenderloin Black Angus 1.5kg Ideal for 4 to 6 people

Notes on the menu:

  • All our meat is fresh and not previously frozen - Let us know if you would like any beef cuts to be individually portioned
  • All our meat is fresh and not previously frozen - Let us know if you would like any beef cuts to be individually portioned
  • All our fish has been cleaned for your convenience - Kindly inquire about our fresh and organic range of seasonal products
  • Fresh Caviar available upon request


Meat the Fish showcases their products at a series of lunches, brunches and private dinners at  places like Tawlet, Ginette, Joanna’s Table and the “6th Floor”. A series of personalized cooking classes is set to take place in town, where people will be able to engage in discovering, learning and feasting on the selection of fresh meat and seafood such as Brill, Turbot, and John Dory, to name but a few.


Their first cooking class, which took place L’Humeur du Chef, an open kitchen restaurant in Mar Mikhael, where a select number of invitees, including NGNO, where invited to prepare, cook and taste a variety of dishes using Meat the Fishes products with Chef Reem Azoury.

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