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Meet Oslo's Counterpart in the USA, Milk
Non-smokers friendly
Sweet Tooth

From the same people who brings us Oslo in Beirut, brings us Milk, an ice cream parlor and pastry shop in Los Angeles.  Drooling over their mouthwatering photos on Instagram, I always dreamt of visiting this place, until I finally did. Considered as one of the city's top 10 ice cream shops, Milk is popular around here.


There's an industrial feel to MILK. Behind the counter is the open kitchen where chefs are at work until the late hours of the night. You will find a cake fridge, an ice cream display and their famous ice cream macarons, as well as the signature blue velvet cake alongside  a variety of cupcakes. 


My main interest was to try the macarons, same as the ones I enjoy every other week while driving passed OSLO on MarMikhael... the dark chocolate or toffee-coffee makes my day each time. Let's compare them to the one at MILK.

I tried the Coffee Toffee at MILK. A bite and you'll feel this nougat-like effect on your teeth. The ice cream is good, coffee, rich coffee, cold ice cream but this macaron spoils the experience.

They are too sweet and chewy. Oslo's Coffee Toffee in Beirut is much better.

The ice cream in the Chocolate with Chocolate Chips is also, but again the macaron is too chewy for the mix. The one I didn't understand and don't recommend is the triple colors corn flakes and white chocolate bomb which is so hard to eat, too complicated, too sweet, sticky, elastic and too childish - even a child can't manage to bite into it.

With that I had the chocolate brownie which is as good as I expected it to be. The chocolate cookie, intense chocolate and the blue velvet cake which is good enough, but again a bit too sweet. 


The verdict: Honestly... Everything I tried is too sweet. There isn't anything exceptional about it, especially when I have to compare what I had at OSLO.

Anyway, and I'm sorry to be comparing, Oslo is better than Milk when it comes to ice cream. Lebanon's OSLO proudly wins over MILK.

My ultimate favorite cookie remains Levain New York.

Suitable For: Sweet Tooth





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