March 25, 2015

Meet the Pizza Box of the Future

You love pizza, right? What about the pain of having to decide on just one flavor? This pizza box will change all that. Created by Maryland Institute College of Arts student Yinan Wang for a school project, this is literally the pizza box of the future.


Because the Toss Gourmet Pizza Box packages pizza by the slice, meaning, in theory, that you could order a pizza made up of eight different flavored slices.

Thinking of greasy fingers after a slice of pizza? These boxes include a detachable holder, so you don’t need to touch the actual slice. 

Each gourmet pizza by the slice boxes have nutrition info on the base. 

The boxes can be neatly stacked on on top of the other or actually in a round full pizza shape, yet with each containing the flavor you want...

Your thoughts?

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