May 16, 2014 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

More from Captain Davis... Trying the Whole in a Week (Restaurant Closed)
Non-smokers friendly

Phone Number: +961 1 482 662

Address: Sin EL Fil Main Road, Facing Librairie Antoine, Metn, Sin El Fil


Price Range: 18-25 $


Welcoming: 5/5

Food Temperature: 10/10

Ambiance / Music: 9/10

Menu Choice: 5/5

Food Taste: 27/30

Architecture / Interior: 10/10

Food presentation: 9/10

Service: 9/10

Value for money: Soon

If you've been following NoGarlicNoOnions for the last two years or so, you would have noticed that I usually don't review the same restaurant twice in row... I usually give at least a six months period between one visit and next. For the first time ever, in only 48 hours, I decided to come back again to Captain Davis, the latest diner to open in Sin el Fil. I wanted to come and discover the whole menu, which revealed a whole new approach towards American food, burgers and diner style food.
Captain Davis can not be compared to any place in town. It is not your usual diner but a place that has revisited some renowned dishes in a creative way... Every bite is enjoyed as if it's the last. Prepare yourself for something new.
On Monday, my wife and I were impressed by the quality of the burgers, the professionalism of the service, and the finesse of the desserts... all served in a beautiful and cozy diner that irradiates class. On Wednesday, we insisted on coming back here with some friends  to enjoy a bigger variety of choices of burgers, sandwiches and some of Captain Davis' signature plate. Everything was as good as the first time.
We reached at 09:15pm to a fully booked restaurant. It was amazing to see a newly opened place become popular in less than two weeks. I was happy to learn later that three of the tables were NGNO followers on Instagram. We enjoyed the same welcoming into a creative space where positive vibes was felt... I personally only asked for the windows to be closed to avoid the outside noise.
PS: Before saying if you like the burger or not comparing it to the ones you've already tried, remember that burgers are to be classified into four large groups, each unique in its class and not comparable to the other: Fast food, street food, diner and gourmet.
We ordered one of each starter:
  • Cheese Croquettes L.L7000: A handful of cheese balls filled with three different types of cheese, Emmental, Parmesan and cheddar are served in a small bowl. Breaded on the outside and non oily, these bites are as good as you would expect them to be. A slight crunch of the envelope followed by some melting smooth cheese that caresses your palatal buds in style.
  • Davis Pepperoni L.L7,250L.L: Served on a white round plate, toasted puff pastry is covered with melted cheese and pepperoni cubes. That’s what I call simplicity at its finest. Every bite is crunchy and full of taste. You will enjoy a combination of textures.
  • Spicy Chicken Bites L.L8,750L.LUsing chunks of chicken makes the envelope crunchier and the inner core juicier. Served in a red bowl, these chicken bites come with a cayenne pepper lightly spicy sauce that makes all the difference as it ignites flames of fun under your palate. Start by enjoying the chicken by itself followed by the second with some dip. You’ll understand the fame of this starter.
  • Bacon Baked Potatoes L.L9,500L.L: How nice! It was love at first bite. Thin sliced baked potatoes covered with chunks of crispy bacon topped with melted cheese. Dip it into some sour cream and enjoy. If you think you're done, just give it couple seconds where the salty aftertaste takes you by storm. I loved it. This appetizer is created with such  know-how. It is simple, unique and mouthwatering.
Captain_Davis_NoGarlicNoOnions10 The appetizers are great. We enjoyed the same taste and flavor we did 48 hours ago. With were then ready to plunge into the main course. Sandwiches, burgers and plates were just waiting to be devoured.
On the menu today:
  • The Triple B Burger L.L15,500: Beef patty, bacon, barbecue sauce, tomatoes, pickles, iceberg. A juicy piece of meat with a nice barbecue taste placed on a premium bun with a thin slice of tomato and a small piece of iceberg lettuce. Exquisite if I may say.
  • Philly Steak L.L11,750: Beef, bell peppers, onions, Swiss cheese. If you think that burgers are the Captain's specialty, think again. Captain Davis created a new version of the 'casual' sandwiches. Please, do not compare them with anything else. Crunchy premium brown bread from Prunelle loaded with amazing ingredients, various tastes, herbs and mixes. This is not a street food sandwich but something unique and extraordinary. Super tender beef mixed with crunchy cooked vegetables... the cheese appears at the end of every bite...


  • Asian Beef Sandwich L.L13,750: Marinated beef stripes, coconut oil, peanut butter, red curry paste, cilantro, red cabbage, onions. That's innovation. Just imagine some nicely marinated beef stripes mixed with a hundred flavors from the four corners of Asia. To add even more perfection, they have added some peanut butter and some crunchy peanuts in the mix. Exceptional. Bravo Chef.
  • Manzanita Tuna Burger L.L14,250: Fresh tuna, caper with herbs mayonnaise and lettuce. Despite being cooked, the tuna remains juicy, enjoyed with the brioche bun. I loved the creativity of this bite. This burger is enjoyable and the best part the fish taste is fresh and subtle. If you’re not a meat eater and want to enjoy a burger? This is the next big thing, I imagine many will copy.
  • Lamb Chops L.L31,750: Wedge potatoes, mixed vegetables and herbs. Five lamb chops beautifully presented one next to the other. Juicy, tender,  exceptionally flavorful...
Let's have some dessert. One of each please:
  • Chocolate Heaven L.L4,500:  A simple piece of chocolate cake made using premium Callebaut dark chocolate.  Simple and tasty. Place a piece on your tongue and press it up your palate... Feel the different layers, the different ingredients, the  chocolate... the love and passion.
  • Apple Davis Tart L.L5,250: Finesse and perfection has been redefined here... Just imagine and dream: An enjoyably chewy, caramelized dough covered with apple slices, soft like butter, adequately sweet, mixed with cloves, moist and tender. Every bite leaves an enjoyable aftertaste that lingers in your mouth for five minutes guaranteed. This is a very good dessert that doesn't even need a vanilla ice cream on the side.
  • Captain Cheese Cake L.L5,750: Everyone was amazed by this mouthwatering cake. Every layer of it - the crunchy biscuits, the creamy non fatty cheese and the tasty unsweetened sauce. Yum...
  • Drunk'n Lovers, Mini Baba L.L5,500: Light, juicy, soft and moist, I personally loved them. The bites are juicy but don't have the strong rum taste. I'll add the some more rum or serve it with a shot on the side.
  • Crazy Carrot Cake L.L4,250: The carrot cake is moist and tasty. Every bite hides of this cupcake-shaped heaven hides some crunchy bits of carrots. The frosting is tasty and I enjoyed the cinnamon aroma.
The things I'll improve:
  • Smoking is not allowed so why those ashtrays? These have to be replaced with others without the cigarette support. They diminish the restaurant's original decor
  • Always keep the windows closed
  • The coleslaw is light yet dull and needs some oomph. I am not sure what it is
  • Serve the baby rhum cakes with a rum shot on the side
The things I enjoyed:
  • On an LCD, a food channel was playing in silent mode. You can read the subtitles  if interested
  • The fries are now perfect. Crunchy envelope and the inside is juicier
This is my second time in a week and I personally loved it.
Value for Money:
  • On Monday we paid $25/person and ate like kings
  • Today for $28/person and we had 4 starters, 6 main courses, 5 desserts and drinks
  • Premium quality at affordable prices
Hoping and wishing it will stay as is for the many years to come...





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Captain Davis: A Successful Concept in the Making (Restaurant Closed)


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