April 19, 2014

More Than a Bottle of Wine...

Short on cash, but want to get your better half a bottle of wine as well as a bouquet? Do you have to choose one of either? Here's a solution. What do you think of this Award Winning Packaging for Blossom Cava Sparkling Wine by PACKLAB from Helsinki.

The inspiration here was to do a lot with a very little – turning the gift of giving upside down and adding value. Through humor we are asking the purchaser turn the bottle upside down and by doing so give the gift receiver more than wine but flowers and a smile.


wine packaging that, when held upside down, looks like a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Read more at http://www.foodbeast.com/2014/04/18/wine-bottles-clever-label-turns-into-a-bouquet-of-flowers/#0GbTujtihblmmj1g.99



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