February 26, 2012 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Mrs. Robinson Diner, Beirut (Restaurant Closed)

It’s a fair restaurant and it’s nice to give a try. Mrs. Robinson is a new Lebanese Diner located in the Al-Nahar Building of the Downtown area of the city. The vibrant decor evokes its own unique character, with creative finishes, fancy bistro couches, and joint tables that lend themselves to a lively social ambience. Don't want to be too rude but it clearly shows that it’s a tryout copy of Roadster diner but unfortunately it still misses some key points to reach the Roadster success. I love the decoration, the ambiance, the music and the concept, but for the food there are some changes that are a must. The meat is too well cooked, hamburgers are a bit dry and need more sauce giving an overall neutral taste. Portions could also be a bit bigger and plates should be filled more. That is exactly the same problem found at Bob's Diner where the plates look and feel empty. I also didn't like the dessert; didn't see anything special about it. My total rate would be a 6/10 considering that this place has a very good potential for improvement and a warm enjoyable and creative architecture.





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