November 15, 2012

Must Discover: 100% Chocolate Cafe, Tokyo
Sweet Tooth Coffee Talk

I am starting a new series, a discovery journey into amazingly designed chocolate stores and cafes around the world. Amazing places to discover... who doesn't like a chocolate...My first stop is 100% Chocolate Cafe, Tokyo.

100% Chocolate Cafe in Tokyo is a unique cafe that feels chocolaty all over. The café features an open kitchen where visitors can watch the process of sweets being made through a display of glazed boxes containing ingredients of 56 different types of chocolate, creating a tempting atmosphere of a “chocolate kitchen” similar to the first 100% Chocolate Cafe. in Kyobashi.  

This second café has an in-store goods shop and takeout counter just outside the café. The systematical display of sweets and a variety of original items are combined with an easy-to-view, easy-to-buy layout, enhancing the overall accessibility.

Suitable For: Sweet Tooth Coffee Talk


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