February 23, 2016 Achrafieh Beirut Lebanon Middle East

My Quarterly Dose of Enjoyment; Chili's Chocolate Molten Extravaganza
Sweet Tooth Big Belly Boys

Phone Number: +961 1 334 900

Address: Zahhar, Achrafyeh, Independence Avenue, Beirut, Lebanon

Website: https://www.facebook.com/chilisbeirut

Price Range: 25-50 $

I love it so much that I visit Chili's only to enjoy this dessert!


The signature dessert of choice: A dessert to try at least once in a lifetime: Chili's molten chocolate cake. 

Redefined awesomeness! A molten heart of chocolate with a light and airy sponge cake topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, drizzled with chocolate sauce, covered with a chocolate layer and love, lots of it. Break it open with your spoon and let the fun begin.Love, joy, passion, excitement...

You feel the sponge cake slide on your tongue while the warm chocolate tickles your taste buds before the ice cream takes over to enchant you. A hot, airy and moist cake richly filled with a chocolate fudge filling that will activate all your taste buds in seconds.


The cake only needs a light pressure, the pressure of your tongue up on the palate for this explosion of flavors to erupt, stopping your breath for a second. That's not a feeling my fingers can describe. I literally finished it entirely. The Chili's lava cake cannot be described in words.

I love it!

Suitable For: Sweet Tooth Big Belly Boys





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