September 05, 2015

Nespresso Reveals Two New Limited Flavors

If you're a coffee lover... then rejoice... Nespresso Experts reveal two new creations with remarkable textures: Palemero and Milano. Cocoa and pepper flavours for “Tribute to Palermo” and refined fruity flavours with a sweet cereal note for “Tribute to Milano” Grand Cru. Available in limited editions starting August 31.


Nespresso Grand Cru “Tribute to Milano” reflects the image of the city, a full-bodied coffee, intense and full of nuances, that the Milanese like to taste standing up, alone at the counter.

Inspired by the hedonist atmosphere of Sicily, the Nespresso Grand Cru “Tribute to Palermo” is best enjoyed sat at a terrace, taking one’s time to appreciate the full sensorial experience.

Happy drinking...


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