September 29, 2014

No Spilling Coffee From Now On: Might Mug

Winter is coming and a cup of tea or coffee is essential to keep us warm throughout the day, so a perfect gadget for this time of year, is the Mighty Mug, an insulated carry mug with a leak-proof lid that finally conquers the hot beverage lover's greatest fear: spillage.
From the outside the Mighty Mug is a fairly run-of-the-mill looking flask mug that is more than big enough to accommodate your morning latte. Easy to hold and with a very welcome flip-up anti-leak lid, the Mighty Mug also features a very unique benefit.

Place the mug on any smooth surface (such as your desk or kitchen counter) and the special Smartgrip suction cup on the mug's base will engage sticking it firmly in place.
Any spilling worries are over.


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