January 12, 2014 Achrafieh Beirut Lebanon Middle East

OBI Japanese Restaurant: Tasteless (Restaurant Closed)

There are places I have never tried yet or have never had the urge to actually try ...  nothing calls me in... and one such place is OBI in ABC Dbayeh.  Although located strategically as you walk out to the food courtyard, OBI is one of those places you without giving it much thought. A bit bored with the rest from the choices there, we decided to give it a try before the watching a movie. I can describe my experience in one word: Tasteless.


My friend an I ordered some Edamame, the Salmon Platter and one order of Salmon Skin to share - every piece I ate had no taste - actually very blah! Every bite was like the next. I filled my stomach quickly with nothing but calories just because I was hungry. Even the Edamame were not great - using regular salt with some red pepper sprinkles didn't add that much flavor, it was actually a bit too spicy for my taste.


Others on the table ordered Austrian Beef burger, which they didn't enjoy. The bread bun, Asian style, was a too chewy and the patty was too dry.

photo 5

But I have to say the staff is polite. But the food, sadly, was not impressive, the presentation was not neat... It's a pity. I won't be coming back again, at least not anytime soon.


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