April 07, 2012

Olive Oil: Limited Edition Box

The type of olive oil served or used always fascinates me. I saw this limited edition, one of single edition of this gift box containing three cans of extra virgin olive oil, one from Portugal, one from Spain and one from Italy. It's a great gift for people with a passion for art, design, culture and obviously fine food.

Creators, TGTL said that the "main goal was to create an olive oil tasting experience... To put people tasting and commenting top quality olive oil from three countries with an old tradition on the art of making olive oil."

The art part of this unique box is that TGTL invited 3 young art talents to illustrate the cans and asked them to represent something they really love about their countries. The Portuguese Oil is designed by the Portuguese artist Mario Belem, the Spanish one is illustrated by Mar Hernandez from Spain and the Italian one by Mauro de Donattis from Italy. More than 3 amazing olive oils, this is a piece of art that people can keep and use for example for interior decoration.

I like it!

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