April 07, 2014 Lisbon Portugal Europe

Pastéis de Belém: Lisbon's Famous Dessert is Exquisite

Since 1837, this area or this shop in particular has been offering a signature dessert people come from all around the globe to taste: "Pasteis De Belem". The simple recipe has had various alterations in the Portuguese pastel arias (pastry shops) and padarias (bakeries), in the shape of the pastry cup and the filling. Some prefer the cream slightly "curdled" to give it a rustic appearance and unusual texture.


This adoration of the pastéis is easy to understand after you’ve taken a bite. The confection’s shell is made from puff pastry. It spirals up, creating a nest of hundreds of crisp layers. Inside is a luscious, warm custard. If you are visiting the city, finding the Pasteis de Belem shop is not a hard task. Everyone recommends it and all talk about it. Looking exactly like the famous Pastel de Nata sold on every street corner, this one is not close to feeling the same. When we landed in the Portuguese capital, I ran into the first shop to taste this creation. I found it tasty, innovative and full of flavors, combining many textures and flavors all at once. The original one os even better.


A cup shaped puff pastry filled with custard and covered with caramelized sugar: It's a kind of creme brûlée tart, produced their way. A thick and enjoyable crunchy land airy layer of condensed puff pastry that crumbles under your teeth in a thousand pieces, before your teeth reach the inner juicy filling of egg yolk mix that's adequately sweetened, caressing your taste buds with love. To finish the experience in style, a caramelized sugar layer adds the needed strong taste that make of this dessert a memorable one. It's not only about flavors but interesting textures as well. Softness, crunchiness, sponginess and breaking sugar blocks are simply addictive. I can eat those all day, all week...


This small cup shaped cake is quickly devoured in two bites that will put a smile on your face, activating all your senses. You will smile, you will moan, you will jump... you will feel like crying from joy. you should have seen me talking nonsense, not being able to express my feelings.

Yes, it is that good.  





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