February 25, 2013

Peel Pride: Enjoying the Fruit Peels the Right Way

Rianne Koens role as a designer is to observes people's behavior and everyday objects with a curious and critical eye as a means to improving the things we surround ourselves with in our homes. Products have an impact on their environment. Therefore she designs products that through their use result a positive effect.


The designer, during her experiments, noticed that fruit peels have to be peeled very thin and fully dried for the best results. By drying the peels the taste becomes more intense and their shelf life extends. A whole new world of tastes is created.


The skin of citrus fruit consists of two layers. The top layer of zest contains a lot of aromas, while the lower white layer is bitter. This peeler peels even thinner than usual peelers. For that reason it only removes the aromatic top layer. By drying the peels the taste becomes more intense and their shelf life extends. More varieties of peels can be dried separated whilst staying compact this way.


The grinder and the dispenser belong together. The grinder fits to all dispensers and grinds the dried peels. The dispenser has a perforated bottom to dispense the crushed peels on food and drinks.


This little peels sieve can easily be placed on top of glasses, water carafes and teapots. Both cold water and several tea flavors can be combined with the taste of peels.  

Categories: Food Gadgets


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